Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Da FrUiTZ Of My LaBoRZ

WhAT uP My NINjaZ? ItZ bEEn AwHiLe, I KnOw. ConTrArY To Da RuMoRz I Am NoT DeAD, NoR HaVe I bEEn In JAiL. I'vE JuSt bEEn BuSy DoiN' SoMe PoSt-PrOduCtIoN WoRk On BIG MONEY RUSTLAS. DatZ RiGhT, BiTcHEs. ViOlEnT J AnD ShaGGY 2 DoPe LiKed My WoRk So MuCh ThAt They HiRed Me To CGI ThEiR MaKeUp FoR Da MoVie, WhiCh GaVE Us HeLLa MoRe MoNeY FoR Da FaYGo N BiTChEz BuDGet.

ChEcK OuT DiS TRaiLeR, NINjaZ. I EvEn GoT a CaMeO (I PlaY a FuCkiN EAglE BItchEz!)

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