Monday, September 14, 2009


Iz ThiS LaTe NigHt NINja ReaDy FoR PrImETImE?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


CrYiN a TeAr FoR DaT AliEN He KiLLeD iN OrBiT.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

BaNG PoW bOOm!!!

YoU BiTCheZ MiGhT Be WonDeRin WhEre Me AnD My NINjaZ bEEn tHe LasT CouPlE DayZ.

DuH YoU DuMb SHitZ--We WuZ LiSteNIN tO Da NeW ICP JoiNt BaNG PoW BooM!!! wOOt WooT!

MoNdaY We GoT aLL KinDZa FuCKeD Up oN PiLLz N ShIT aNd WeNt tO Da MiDnIgHT SaLe aT SaM gOODy. aLL KinDZa NINjaZ WeRe WaiTiN iN LiNe N ShiT. BuT ThA JuGGaliZer AnD HiS PoSSe CuT aLL DeM BitCHez AnD GoT DaT ShiT At 11:55 N ShiT. WhY? Cuz I UsED tO WoRk Up In ThAt PiEcE!! ViP, BitCheZ!

AftEr DaT We DroVe ARouNd BuMpiN ThAt ShiT aLL NiGHt. AfTer We WeNT Up To Da WaFFlE HouSe I WeNT HoMe aNd SmoKeD A FUcKloAd of wEEd AnD JuST lOOkEd aT ThESe LiNeR NotEZ FoR LiKe 12 HouRz. ChEcK OuT aLL ThiS CrAzY ShiT!!!

CheCk OuT DiS HigHlY ReFLecTiVe CoVeR NINjaZ.

My NINjaZ lOOkiN DoPe Azz UsUal.

WhaT'z ThiS ShiT?! AnoTHeR FucKIn AlBuM CoVeR, ThATz WhAT!!!

WhAT Da FuCK. ThiS lOOkS lIKe My MOmZ StrEEt AnD ShiT. GaY.

FuCkiN Cul De My NuT SaCK.

Oh ShiT! IcE CreAm AnD FiRE!

FuCK YeaH CaR CraSH. TeaRin ThE ShiT OuT DaT OlD ManZ HousE.

WhY iS ThiS StuPiD BItCH JoGGiN'? ItZ RaiNIN FiRe BiTCH! RuN FoR CoVEr. FuCk YouR WoRkOuT!

Oh WaIT--WhaTz ThIS SHiT? A SeCRet MeSSaGe iN Da FlamEZ? A SeCret PhoNe NumBer PerHapZ? 313-483-0930. WhoZ NuMbER CouLd DaT Be?!!! LOL.

FuCkIN HouSe On FiRe Up In This BiTcH. WhaT's thIS ShiT? MoRe MeSSaGez In Da FlaMeZ???

A FuCKiN WeBSitE?! BuRnT WreCkAGe.CoM. bOOkMaRkZ, NINjaZ.

Oh ShiT. DiS FlAME SaYZ Da BiG MoNey RuStLaS GoNNa Be At Da FiLLmORe In DetRoiT on 1-23-10. wOOt WooT!!!!

WhAT's ThIS NINjaZ? YoU SaY a FucKin FiSSuRe HaS OpeNed Up In Da EaRf? AnD iTz FuLL oF FiRe?! AnD DaT FiRe TeLLz YoU SekReTz?! FuuuuuUCCCCcccccKK.

In Da FlaMEZ YoU'LL FiNd Da CluEZ. ICP's oDDbaLL BoNanZa ShoW. 3-20-10 aT Da ElEcTriC FaCtoRy In PhiLLy!!! HoPe YoU LikE ChEEseStEaK, NINjaZ!

AnD ThEn ThE WoRlD wuZ MoTheRFuCKiN' AsH. ThAt Is SoMe dEEp ShiT.

ThEn ThEReZ LiKe ThrEE PaGeZ oF ThaNk YoUs AnD ShiT. InCluDiNg A MessaGe to Us. ThaT ShiT ReADZ:

"The Juggalos of the world. Juggalos everywhere, near and far. Right here and out to the farthest reaches of time and space. Much true Clown Love to you and your families. Also Military Juggaloz. Juggalos stationed home and overseas, Juggalos in Iraq risking their lives everyday. RIP to all our fallen Juggalos. We love you all and thank you ninjas for being Down with the Clown in any way during your special lives."

DaMn, NINjaZ. I GoTTa Go FiX mY MaKeUpZ and SHiT. SniFF SniFF.